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Dated: November 3 2020

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We’ve written before on facts about Charleston, SC., so today I thought we’d offer some insight about the entire state. Most of the time when people think South Carolina, they go to the rival teams Game Cocks and Clemson Tigers; along with palmetto trees, shrimp and grits, fired green tomatoes (not the movie), and the City of Charleston.


But we are much more than that; when people think peaches they focus on Georgia; however, South Carolina is actually a large producer of the fruit following California who is the leader. South Carolina harvested three times more peaches that Georgia annually. We are home to the largest Oak tree in the country the Angel Oak is located on scenic Johns Island. The Angel Oak is over 500 years old, sprawls a whopping 187 feet and stands 66.5 feel tall.


Barbecue was born in South Carolina, well... this is highly debated especially by Texans, but we still have the rights to say it originated in the South. History speaks for itself and many theories exist about where smoking pig meat over an open fire began. Many believe that the Native Americans living in South Carolina showed colonists this delicious cooking technique.


Not to be forgotten by the paranormal enthusiast, South Carolina holds title to one of the most unique myths or legends known today. The Lizard man originated over 30nyers ago in Bishopville, SC when a young lad named Christopher Davis had his car break down near Scape Ore Swamp. When Davis, According to police reports got out of his car to fix a flat tire he was approached by a seven-foot-tall green, scaly man-like creature with three fingers and red eyes. The creature then attacked his car, leaving behind deep scratch marks on the car. Since this first report of a life-sized lizard man in 1988, many others have come forward with similar stories about a humanoid creature destroying their vehicles or belongings.


If you visit Poe’s restaurant on Sullivan’s Island you will find that one of the greatest American Romantic writers of the period who sensationalized horror fiction, Edgar Allen Poe, himself actually spent time in South Carolina. One of his stories The Gold Bug  was inspired from living in Charleston. These are just a few fun facts about our great state.


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