Politics, Real Estate, and You

Dated: October 19 2020

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In the past I have written about COVID and real estate, today lets just jump in and talk about the elephant in the room. Politics, and how it effects real estate and the general population. This is not a debate on who is better than whom, it is about how the people livening in our world are affected by uncertainty of change.


Politics, like it or not is the crux of the pricing of real estate; affecting our economy, by causing change in interests rates, change in demographics, change in ownership or the lack thereof and the pricing of real estate not to mention a myriad of variables not even mentioned here today. Politics is indissolubly linked with all these issues. Political bantering impacts such things as the level of employment, the cost of borrowing, the direction of immigration, and degree of consumer confidence. Our countries stressed infrastructure requires difficult choices to be made, like if a bridge get fixed, how funds for education, feeding the poor, flood insurance, and how other things get done at the expense of someone or something else. We tend to lose programs that were once solid solutions during political upheaval.


These issues go beyond the national level, they affect the local and state levels too. Those running for office tend to be focused on election or re-election instead of the damage being inflicted upon the consumer. States worry about either repaving roads or supporting a school lunch program, improve a community seniors program or add more funding to improve police protection to the community. All of which results in gridlock and nothing getting accomplished. We, as the “normal” population tend to be at a loss in having extra funds for the more frivolous things we may want to have.


The general population is left with pulling up our suspenders waiting for the wheels of Congress to either come off or balance out. If we think about it the political rhetoric every election is the same, the message has barely changed over the past twenty-years. The truth is none of us can hold too much confidence in what will happen. Either way it is prudent for the consumer to prepare; by that we mean save, use savings for projects or hold off on those projects.


The choice to buy or sell should be a personal choice when the time is right for your personal situation. The market is ever changing, experts have their opinions no matter the political climate, they thrive on fear and the fact people will adhere to the message causing a self-fulfilled prophecy in market predictions. The consumer has no choice as to go with the flow of things.


As Realtors, our job is to provide you with the best information possible, information that fits your narrative not someone else’s. Information is truth, it allows us to see how the market today can benefit you and your situation. Is it always the best time to buy or sell? The answer is a resounding absolutely not! But information can help you get the best deal, make the best decision you can make so that you benefit and gain during the process instead of losing and or settling for what the experts say because of an uncertain market narrative.

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