First Responders Day

Dated: October 28 2020

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Most of our posts’ are related to real estate, but today the post is closer to home (no pun intended) for me. Today we take a moment to remember, paramedics, fire fighters and police officers who every day are out in the streets doing the job. I started my career out of the U.S. Army and stayed fourteen years working emergency 911 calls in various parts of the country; ultimately leaving E.M.S. transitioning into law enforcement. My first leap was working in the Rock County Coroner’s office as a deputy at the same time I started my detective agency, and as you know, for those who follow us I currently also work as a fire investigator with local fire departments, I have served the public for over 30 years. Service extends to family our son who is cognitively impaired has been on WRFD for about 11 years as a volunteer, we call each other brother and sister because we are. You see no matter the job, or the department we are connected we are family.


And as a family we experience every physical or mental threat against first responders, we also experience the losses and traumas of those people who we have the privilege to meet and help in trying times. Yes, I said privilege. It is an honor to be accepted by people who you don’t know, to be seen as the one who will make life just a little better during trauma. The line between those that serve and those being served will always be there, it has to be. Because when the call is over we only have each other to talk to, not our families, not the people we serve, just each other.


The truth of the matter is we do the job because other can’t. It’s not that they don’t want to or couldn’t it’s just that some people aren’t made for what we see each day. To my sisters, brothers and your families who saddle up each day to run the calls, sit in the house waiting for life to be disrupted, to go save a life, extend a hand, in that emergent time of need; I say god-speed, know that the difference you make despite the rhetoric is real, when sh*t hits the fan those who are against you need you and want your help. Stand tall, stay safe.


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* Note: Rick has multiple degrees in Criminal Justice, has served internationally on criminal justice boards, is publshed in the field,  and currently is a fire investigator for WVFD. 

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