Fall Honey Do List or Regular Maintenance?

Dated: October 26 2020

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As Jack Frost rears his head, the colors of fall emerge. With the season comes the all dreaded honey do list, or is it stuff that really needs done to protect your investment. I know most of us make fun of the list thing, we use it as an excuse to blame away procrastination of doing what we know we need to do. The list looms as we ponder, start it today or push it off a bit longer. The reality is doing these chores sooner rather than later not only protects your investment but also saves you money.


Checking the window and doors for air leaks means better power bills; as we know when the cold comes in the thermostat goes up and so does the normal use of power. Keeping the cold air out, although a minor adjustment, helps save the largest amount of monthly money. Caulking in the gaps, adding or updating weatherstripping or adding a foam sealant, are some of the best ways to stop the cold from coming in and stop heat from escaping.


If you have a fireplace then you must also look at the chimney. Creosote builds up, a byproduct from burning wood, contains tars and toxins that if left alone can cause a fire inside the chimney. The annual task can save money and time if you keep up with it. I can’t count how many times, as a fire investigator I see chimney fires and as I stand in a frame that was once their home, ask if maintenance was done this year, only to hear them say it hasn’t been done for years. If you’re unsure on how to clean the fireplace and or chimney call a professional it is well worth the few bucks it takes to have it done right.


Which brings me to your furnace, having a professional come out once a year to ensure the filter is good, belts are working, the ducts are clear and no leaks are present, that the pilot light and thermocouples are functioning properly; will ensure that you and your family will not experience carbon monoxide issues during the cold months.  With that test those smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, test them, check to see if they are working properly.


Reverse your ceiling fans to help push air down, this will help keep those heating bills down too. Remember hot air rises, changing the direction of air flow keeps the warmer air in your living space.


Winterize your sprinkler systems and disconnect your garden hose. It’s a good idea to prepare the outside irrigation system to prevent freeze inside the line. Freeze will cause breaks in the underground lines and in a hose, which in turn will cost not only to replace the underground piping but new landscaping fees.


Last but far from least, the gutters, these things fill up with leaves, pine needles, nests, and whatever else can collect up there. I recommend calling a professional, only because people generally don’t have the proper equipment to do the task. But, if you have what it takes to do the task, wear some heavy-duty gloves and scrape the out, spray them out with a power washer or hose. Doing so stops leaks from forming.


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